During your enrollment orientation, you will tour our attractive and inviting Center and meet members of our Team. We will share our service philosophy and Center policies so that during your child’s very first visit, you will be well informed about what to expect and his/her session goes smoothly.

Checking In: Your child cannot begin service until an s/he has been properly checked in at the Front Desk. Please be sure to arrive for your child(ren)’s scheduled appointments at least five (5) minutes early so that you have time to sign-in, and if necessary, take your child for a bathroom break before his/her session begins. Please note that only adults (18 years or older) can check in and leave the Center with children who are scheduled to receive services. Parents or caregivers are required to wait in the waiting area throughout each session.

LATE CANCELLATION/NO SHOW: Please note that a 24-hour cancellation notice is required to cancel any Center appointment. If not provided, then our Center Policy is that a Late Cancellation and/or No SHOW fee will be charged and payable before another appointment is scheduled. Assessed fees will be the same as our regular Center appointment fees.